Harvest 2016 Review


Well what a bumper year! At the time of writing this, approximately 6.6 tonnes of food has arrived at the Brighton Food Bank…. and it’s still coming in! We have had an amazing team of 9 helpers who have sorted and dated items with great energy and enthusiasm; thank you – you know who you are!

We would also like to say a great big thank you to all those who have donated from across Sussex. An astonishing total of 30 churches, 23 shops, 5 supermarkets, 3 banks, and 2 local businesses have donated over the 4 main weeks of Harvest; thank you – we really can’t do it without you!

Clients attending the Brighton Food Bank often tell us that it is not just about receiving a tin of beans, but for some it can be the start of a brand new chapter in life.

Last year a local mum called Kelly came to tell us:

“The Brighton Food Bank has helped me in so many ways. When I first started coming over a year ago I was in a very bad place both mentally and emotionally. I was given a leaflet about being special, that refers to God making and loving me. It was thanks to a woman at the Brighton Food Bank that pointed me to St Peter’s, Safehaven Women where I attended an Alpha Course, and this literally saved my life”.


Mary and Martha in the Rest Homes

rh-mary-and-marthaBev and her team of volunteers have been very busy visiting 19 homes during October, with the story of Mary & Martha.

img_1718We can spend our working lives being like Martha. When we have more time, we can have the luxury of being more like Mary, spending time with Jesus. Although being able to do less may be frustrating, we can learn to see it as something positive. Jesus loved to spend time with his friends, enjoying their company, this is the same today. Jesus died so we can have our sins forgiven and have that close relationship with God now and in the life to come.

Residents often tell us they value our visits. This month a resident had her daughter and son-in-law visiting her. They joined us for the service, and afterwards the daughter came to say: “Our mother really values your visits, you do an amazing job, thank you. If I lived in the area, I would love to become a volunteer.”

If you have a heart for the elderly and would like to join the team please visit: http://www.bhcm.org.uk/jobs/volunteer-opportunities

To arrange a taster day, please contact: office@bhcm.org.uk

Schools Work Training Day Underway


Our Schools Work Training Days are now underway, and a good cross section of our target audience attended the first day, “How? What? Why?”.  Part-time, Full-Time, and voluntary schools workers, and clergy all discussed and thought about the many aspects of education, children’s development, and being prepared for schools work.


One delegate said: This really needs to be advertised widely, lots more people should get the chance to be here”.


There are two more training days before the end of 2016, and all 4 training days will be repeated next year, so you can still book onto them if you would like.  To join us please go to: www.bhcm.org.uk/training


Harvest Assembly 2016


14492542_1339298902754503_5323231201784664429_nEmma, Lloyd and Kerry are mid-way through their Harvest assembly, which uses the story of ‘feeding the 5000’ to demonstrate the concept of sharing what we have to benefit others. The children are invited to demonstrate sharing, skills, knowledge, and ideas to reinforce the learning.  The message of sharing is being well received in all schools, where in many, generous donations are also being given to the team for the Brighton Food Bank.  So far, many children have been excited to see our Schools team back in this new school year, and reception children have behaved beautifully, in what was, their first whole school assembly.

The deputy head teacher in one junior school said: “The message really struck a cord with the children today, they will go away really considering that.”

One boy came up to us after an assembly and said “That was a good assembly because it made me understand what Harvest is all about.

Another boy also shared “I thought Harvest was about eating food and farming  crops but today I’ve learnt about people all over the world and really it’s about sharing what we have with others.”

If you are a school looking to book our Schools team for an assembly, please email schools@bhcm.org.uk.