2017 Schools Work Training

The Schools Work training aims to provide you with all you need to know about supporting your local school with assemblies, RE lessons, SMSC provision, and pastoral work.

The training is for those in full-time, part-time, or voluntary work with children or young people, and will be ideal for any church staff or volunteer who already visits schools or who would like to start going into their local school. In addition to this, the training could be an added bonus to that which is being learnt on an internship. Last year’s course, in Church House, saw a good number benefiting from the training.

Julian, our Mission Director, shares about the course:

“Having dropped in on the course 3 times last year, I can vouch for the fact that it is rather good and very useful. I know, having spoken to church leaders, many were interested in sending their children’s and youth workers along on the course. Please grab this opportunity, right at the beginning of the year, to make sure you book the right people onto the course. Don’t miss out!”

To book onto the course please click here.


Shoreham Port – Fantastic Support

The sun was shining today as I walked along the waterfront with the chinking noise of sailing boats right next to me. As I walked past some lovely docks, I could have been mistaken for being abroad somewhere, but no, I was only down the road in Shoreham Port!

The amazing 100+ staff team had chosen us as their Christmas charity of the year. One of their staff members had been helped, a few years back, through the Brighton Food Bank, and had put our names forward to be supported by the business.

They raised an astonishing total of £700 for the City Mission.

Thank you Shoreham Port!