God’s Provision for Rest Homes

Sometimes when a ministry is growing it can be a daunting experience, how will we be able to cope with all these visits that are demanded of us? This is exactly how our Rest Homes team were feeling and sometimes it is easy to forget that we have an amazing God who provides. 

At the beginning of the year we were offered funding for a paid member of staff in our Rest Homes team. We have been praying for the right person to join our team 2 days a week to cover the demand from homes who are asking our team to start delivering services and become more involved in befriending residents one-to-one. Last month, a manager of a home approached Bev to ask if a female resident, who was having trouble getting on with the other residents, could be befriended. Bev was unsure how she was going to fit in an additional visit, when one of our volunteers told Bev that she had been thinking about becoming a befriender. Our volunteer is now successfully visiting the resident and it seems to be a God inspired match. God also provided on another occasion when Bev was asked by an activity coordinator of a home to start providing services. Bev had no idea how a service could be run in this particular home as there weren’t any volunteers available in the area surrounding the home. However, one of our volunteers who helps in our food bank stepped up. It so transpired that the home was opposite the house of our food bank volunteer and she was happy to visit there with her husband. 

Please pray that we never miss an opportunity of God’s provision. 

All Change For The Schools Team

Our Schools team has been in a state of transition since Kerry, our former Schools Team Leader, handed in her notice in October 2018, to left us in February 2019 to join another Christian organisation. From November to February we searched for someone to head up out team 35 hours per week, term-time only. However, no suitable applicants came forward. Therefore a decision was made to restructure our Schools team, appointing a team leader for 3 days per week, assisted by 2 part-time team members. Following a successful interview, Lloyd was appointed as our new Schools Team Leader in mid March. 

Following the appointment of Lloyd, our team gained another team member in May. Helen has been appointed to work for us 19 hours per week, term-time only. Helen is the youth worker at Holland Road Baptist Church and brings a wealth of knowledge to the team, having been a teacher for many years. Nairne remains in the team and has been offered additional hours working in our Schools team from June. She will be developing our Relationship and Sex Education work within secondary schools. 

Our Schools team vision for 2019 and into the future is to see a Christian presence in every school in Brighton and Hove and beyond. They want to achieve this by humbly serving schools, assisting them with what they need.