A Final Word From Julian

I am so sad to inform you that I am stepping down as Mission Director and that the role is being made redundant. It is with mutual agreement between myself and the Trustees that this has happened.

I have found it increasingly hard to lead and direct BHCM having dealt with some very difficult management issues.  The financial pressure of running the Mission has also played a part. As a result, over the last year my health has suffered and it is important for me to prioritise being well and looking after my family.

I have loved leading the BHCM. I have had the privilege of being part on some great changes. Over these last five years, I have completed the significant task of modernising the image of BHCM, bringing us firmly into the 21st century, with training courses now established for church members in each of our areas of activity, and three network forums to encourage others working in those different ministries.  My aim has been to the redesign and restructure BHCM to see Kingdom growth.  My passion and heart has always been to see Christian unity and the church built upon and strengthened, and we have come a long way in Brighton and Hove. My hope and prayer is that this unity will continue to go from strength to strength as we pray, eat, and reach this city together for Jesus as part of everyday church life.

I want to thank you all for your amazing love and support. I will greatly miss serving Brighton and Hove through the City Mission.

Farewell Grant

We are sad to announce the departure of our Grant and Business Relations Manager, Grant, who joined Brighton and Hove City Mission (BHCM) in April 2019. We have loved having him as part of our Head Office team, helping promote all that we do serving our city of Brighton and Hove.

Grant is a wonderful team player, with incredible determination to plough through the many funding applications that are required to be completed to bring in the necessary funds to continue our work in schools, rest homes, and with those in crisis. He applied to over 180 grant-making bodies and has helped raise over £90k for BHCM.

During December 2019, Grant felt called by God to move away from administrative missional work into community missional work and, with his wife, is starting a new chapter. He is moving up north to a place just outside of Bolton to join, the well-known, Message Project as part of one of the Eden teams.

Sadly, because we finished 2019 with a large deficit, we will not be replacing the role of Grant and Business Relations Manager. We will be sharing the responsibility between our current Office Manager, supported by the teams and a group of wonderful volunteers.

We want to wish Grant and his family all the best in the future and pray God will bless them in their new venture. We will miss having him in the south, in Brighton.