The arrival of Christmas in schools

As we move into December, many begin to focus their gaze on the miraculous virgin birth of Jesus. However, our Schools team started thinking about Christmas way back in October, when they planned a two part assembly following the journey of the Magi. Like many others, our team have also ‘gone digital’, so all assemblies have been pre-recorded and edited together well ahead of time.

The first part of the assembly follows the Magi as they prepare to set off to meet the new King.  Our team also share about how we have expectations of what Christmas will be like and how we prepare for this time of year. The second part of the assembly focuses on the unexpected nature of the story. The Magi arrived in a big city expecting a king in a palace, however, they had to read scripture and look more deeply at the clues to discover who Jesus really was.

We are praying that the New Year will provide more opportunities for us to serve schools.  We now share our messages with every school in our city. Please continue to pray pupils and staff see our videos and want to create a deeper relationship with our team. Schools are being contacted to find out if they would like prayer for anything and are being baked and delivered cakes to show them that they are loved. Last week, in response to an email sent to a school, our team had the opportunity to talk to a headteacher, pray with them, and offer support. This person is the only Christian in the school and was feeling burdened by the responsibility. Praise God that sending an email had this response!

Check out the assemblies below.


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A Marathon Year

For many of us, this year has felt like a marathon, however, few people have had the chance to complete one! Bev, our Rest Homes Team Leader, attempted to run her first marathon earlier this year when Brighton Food Bank were gifted two runner places by Brighton marathon organisers. Bev had run the Brighton half marathon in February, so she felt confident in bringing home a medal for us!

Due to the pandemic, the usual marathon event had to be cancelled and, instead, a virtual marathon was offered. What’s a virtual marathon? Well you do have to run, but on your own, rather than with thousands of others at an event. Bev sustained a running injury during training, but this did not stop her! The virtual marathon meant that she could run the distance in segments rather than all in one go. Despite her injury, Bev completed the full 26.2 miles in early October and received her well deserved finishers medal. She hopes that next year she will be able to run the real thing!

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