Bev runs the marathon

Bev, our Rest Homes Team Leader, is running the Brighton Marathon! That’s right, the marathon!

Bev writes:

“I could never do a marathon!” Yes, I said those words and now what have I committed myself to…the Brighton Marathon. I’ve never been a sporty person, several years ago I did a little jog/walking, and in 2014, my daughter invited my husband Ian and I to run a park run with her. Ian enjoyed himself, and I said “Never again”, as I virtually collapsed over the finish line. Ian continued to run regularly on a Saturday, but it wasn’t until the Autumn of 2016, when I was told I was pre-diabetic, that I thought I should be more active. So, I ventured out to try a park run again and, from that point, I have continued the 5k run each Saturday. In September 2017, with much apprehension, I ran my first 10K. Then in February 2018, I ran my first half marathon (Brighton) on my 34th wedding anniversary. It was really hard work and when people said “When are you doing the marathon then?” I said “never!”.

Since then, I have run two more half marathons, and continued to say no to a marathon, but when Brighton Food Bank were looking for people to run for them I thought “Why not!”. My husband Ian has run more than me but never tried a marathon, however it is a bucket list item for him to run a marathon before his next birthday ending in 0. Therefore, team McArdle will be running the Brighton marathon 2020!

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