Colleen’s Reflections

Colleens ReflectionsWe caught up with Colleen and she reflected on her last nine years as Rest Homes Team Leader.

“In October 2004 I answered God’s call to come from South Africa to support a small Church fellowship in Hove, UK. After working as Personal Carer to three clients and Activities Co-Ordinator in a group of Rest Homes, within two years I was led by the Holy Spirit to the Brighton & Hove City Mission. When I enquired if there might be a place for me to serve on their team, I discovered that the Director and Trustees had been praying for God to send someone to establish ministry to elderly residents in Rest Homes across the city. There was unanimous agreement that God had brought me to fill the role with perfect timing, and I was appointed as part-time Rest Homes Team Leader which soon increased to full time status. Within a short time God opened doors into the first two homes, and over the past nine years He has granted us favour in many more venues. I’ve had the privilege of leading the growing team of committed volunteers in holding services for residents in Sheltered Accommodation and twenty Rest Homes across Brighton and Hove.

Having invited Jesus into my heart as a teenager and experienced the fullness of God’s love, grace and mercy since I was saved, I feel quietly passionate about sharing his love with others. I delight in opportunities to encourage others to receive him as Saviour, and to bring hope to countless residents in the last phase of their lives who feel lonely, depressed and fearful of death. We see the impact on their hearts of being individually affirmed, and many who deeply miss being able to attend church are uplifted by our monthly messages of hope in the Lord Jesus, the familiar hymns we sing and the spirit of joy we bring.

Our lives move in seasons and after nine years of wonderful fellowship with the committed City Mission team, I feel that God has led me to hand over the baton of leadership to a younger successor from February 2016. So it is with great joy and gratitude for the blessings of the past, that I welcome this new person into the role, and move on as a volunteer to explore what new adventures God has in store for me.”