Godly Goosebumps in Rest Homes

Bev, our Rest Homes Team Leader, visits 24 Rest Homes across the city and she had a lovely experience this month. We asked her to share it and this is what she told us:

Last week Martine, one of our volunteers, and I visited one of the homes for those with advanced dementia. Sometimes our visits can be challenging with lots of movement, noise, and a sense of anxiety in many of the residents. We had an extra time of prayer before going in asking God to go before us and prepare people’s hearts before we arrived. This time the atmosphere was a little more relaxed as we arrived, and as we sang the room became more and more peaceful and residents started to engage with the singing. We eventually came to singing The Lord’s My Shepherd which, although well known, is quite “wordy” for the client group. However, as we sang, the volume swelled as more took part and it was a beautiful time of worship. This was followed by saying The Lord’s Prayer and so may who have difficulty with a coherent sentence were saying the prayer with confidence and enthusiasm. As we were praying, the hairs on my arm stood on end. So often I quote Matt 18.20 “Where two or three gather in my name … I am there among them”, and that afternoon there was such a strong sense of His presence with us.

As we left the home we could hear a resident happily singing a hymn to himself in his room. When we got to the car I said to Martine I had felt goosebumps during The Lord’s Prayer and she said she felt the same, all through the service. We had a truly beautiful afternoon.