It’s Your Move 2016

its your move

During the last term of the school year our Schools team have been delighted to offer the schools of Brighton and Hove a lesson for year 6 leavers.  The programme was written by our Schools Team Leader, Kerry, whilst undertaking her degree in Youthwork and Applied Theology.

Kerry and her former colleague, wanted to complement, and named the session after, the booklet by Scripture Union called ‘It’s Your Move’. Having finely tuned the lesson over a number of years, Kerry, Lloyd, and Emma really enjoyed engaging with those moving onto secondary school across the city.

Over the course of the last 6 weeks they have visited eleven schools and presented to over 450 year 6 children.  The teaching staff that were present thought that it was a very worthwhile time spent with their pupils and a majority of those who responded to our feedback overwhelmingly thought it was age appropriate.

The session included looking at fears and phobias, changes, a game show, a Bible character that faced change, interviews, and the favourite dilemmas!

Photo 22-06-2016, Web Article

Most of those responding thought it was presented well and some of the positive comments included:

‘Helps with Secondary school.’

‘Like to talk and hear other’s opinions.’

‘Very helpful.’

‘Very realistic, got us involved.’

‘People were lovely, fun and amazing.’

‘An excellent presentation! Thank you.’

‘Thank you – what a challenge.’

We really hope the elements of the session will help the children move from Primary to Secondary and support the transition that they will soon make.  One of the parts of the workshop was to ask children to make a ‘Wordle’ of the things that will change for them, we have collated all of the answers and the results are attached.

Photo 21-07-2016, Changes Sheet

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