Mary and Martha in the Rest Homes

rh-mary-and-marthaBev and her team of volunteers have been very busy visiting 19 homes during October, with the story of Mary & Martha.

img_1718We can spend our working lives being like Martha. When we have more time, we can have the luxury of being more like Mary, spending time with Jesus. Although being able to do less may be frustrating, we can learn to see it as something positive. Jesus loved to spend time with his friends, enjoying their company, this is the same today. Jesus died so we can have our sins forgiven and have that close relationship with God now and in the life to come.

Residents often tell us they value our visits. This month a resident had her daughter and son-in-law visiting her. They joined us for the service, and afterwards the daughter came to say: “Our mother really values your visits, you do an amazing job, thank you. If I lived in the area, I would love to become a volunteer.”

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