Your Story – Graham

Graham your story

This is the story of Graham –

At the start of November 2014 I only had £2 a day to live on. I was referred by St Luke’s Advice Service to the Brighton Food Bank. At the time I had little income left to eat or heat my flat.  My hours as a part time carer had been reduced, and I had rent arrears and bills to pay.

For about a year I got practical help with food and, sometimes, with my electric bills.  The Food Bank team also helped me with a letter when I faced eviction from a flat owned by a local landlord. Unfortunately, despite the letter, I lost the flat and became street homeless. So the team then wrote a reference for my new landlord because they believed in me. As a result of their, and another agency’s support, both practically and financially, I was able to move into a lovely new place just before Christmas.

Coming to the Food Bank opened extra doors for me and it helped to keep me going because of the practical and
emotional support of the team. If I hadn’t come here I wouldn’t have got where I am today.