Your Story – Sam and Fearne

Sam and FearneThis is the story of Sam and Fearne –

I called in to see my sister who has four young children, I took a small Christmas booklet with me, which I had found in a magazine, to share with them.  Whilst there, I began to read the booklet to my nephew and niece, my niece jumped up and exclaimed ‘that was in my school assembly!’ It emerged that the assembly that Fearne was talking about was the recent Schools team Christmas presentation.  Fearne said “Lloyd was great, and the lady with spikey hair!’ Fearne loves drama, so she really liked the acting and the costumes.  She found it a really fun and memorable assembly and loved learning about God through it.

The theme of the booklet I had shared, by Bob Hartman, was that God made what was sad, glad again, through Jesus.  That is what Fearne had recognised when we were reading.  The team had been inspired by the rhyming format and the strong message in the booklet, and had used it as a platform for writing their assembly.

Fearne was so excited that afternoon, I explained a little bit more about Jesus to her and after finishing reading the whole booklet about Jesus’ life, Fearne wanted to pray, so I helped her to do this.  It was a very special time for my niece and me.