Rest Homes


Since 1849 missionaries have worked within the different communities of Brighton and Hove caring for the elderly. We would regularly visit local rest homes, and in 2006 we started our ministry in Rest Homes.


The Rest Homes team exists to befriend the residents and staff of the Rest Homes across Brighton and Hove through regular visits. Our team comprises of a staff team leader and committed volunteers who worship in a wide range of churches across the city. As our team is made up in this way it enables us to provide a suitable service for residents from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Serving the City, Church and Christ

It is the desire of the Rest Homes team to meet the needs of the elderly in the care and rest homes in our city. One way in which this is done is by regular visits to homes. Each time we visit we spend time talking with every resident and staff member present in the lounge. We also provide an interactive Christian presentation to any resident wishing to attend. During the presentation we sing age appropriate hymns, and have a brief message of spiritual encouragement with prayers and other readings. Residents are given the choice to attend our services that are designed for both people with and without faith.

The Rest Homes team and the managers of the rest homes have become increasingly aware of the many elderly people suffering from depression due to loneliness. We try meet this need by offering pastoral visits to the residents who simply need to talk to someone. We are available when staff at the rest homes request a pastoral visit on behalf of a resident. This newest aspect to our ministry is offered to any rest home manager who feels their residents would benefit from this service.

Contact us

If you have connections with a rest home, care home, or nursing home, and you feel that we could be of  service either by bringing a short Christian service to the lounge or by pastoral visits please let us know by emailing or call us on 01273 609484.