A Blessing of a Marriage


We are so thankful as a City Mission for Chris and Emma who have decided to support us through their wedding!

Emma and Chris

What an amazing idea, and what a beautiful way to raise money for charity. This is what Chris and Emma wrote about why they are blessing us in such a way.

“We’re excited to be getting married at Bishop Hannington Church, Hove on 2nd April 2016. As we began to plan our wedding we started to think about all the money that was to be spent on us, we wondered whether there was a way to use this day as an opportunity to give to others too.

We decided to still have the usual wedding gift list to help us set up our home, but we also created a Just Giving page for Brighton and Hove City Mission, so that our wedding day wasn’t all about taking, but about giving as well.

We picked BHCM as our Charity, because in our marriage we want to aim to do the same as BHCM – Serve the city, church and Christ, and we think the work BHCM do is essential and amazing.”