Easter Message in Rest Homes

We caught up with Bev, our Rest Homes team leader, to see what she has been sharing in the rest homes over this Easter period.

“When planning the Easter message this year I was thinking about how to present a message in a way that might be fresh to people who may have heard the same story for anything up to a hundred years! Therefore this year we have spent some time thinking about when we do things for the first time how we remember those events…our first jobs, weddings, babies, etc. One lady told us of how excited she was when she ate her first banana, she ran all the way home from school to tell her mother. We then read the verses from Luke of the women going to the tomb on Easter morning and realising Jesus had risen. We thought of their emotions firstly despair, then fear, followed by wonder and joy. How these events must have been burned into their memories, how Jesus died for them and how he had defeated death and not just on that first Easter morning but for all time. We then applied this truth to ourselves as each Easter we are invited to share in the joy and wonder of the resurrection when our Saviour rose again. We have been celebrating this in our services and concluding by singing “thine be the glory risen conquering son, endless is the victory thou o’er death has won”.”