Legacies are an integral part in funding the future of the City Mission

It is right that your first priority is to make provision for your loved ones. Over and above that, leaving a gift in your will to a charity, like the Brighton and Hove City Mission, is an amazing opportunity to leave a lasting legacy. Supporting the Brighton and Hove City Mission will impact our city for the Kingdom of God for years to come. A generous legacy of 10% of the value of your estate could be the spring board we need to launch a new ministry. Financial support is an integral part of any charity, and legacies have historically contributed towards almost a quarter of our annual giving. These gifts have enabled many ministries to start and grow.

Whether you choose to leave a legacy to support the general work of the City Mission or a specific team, we give thanks to every supporter who makes this choice.

1) Legacies in your will…

Pecuniary Legacy: This is a gift to the City Mission of a specified sum of money. When considering a pecuniary legacy, please bear in mind that inflation will affect the value of your gift (for example £10,000 today will be worth much less in ten years’ time).

Specific Legacy: A specific legacy is where particular items you own are left as a gift to the City Mission. This could include property, furniture or jewellery, stocks and shares, and the proceeds of a life insurance policy.

Residuary Legacy: This is the gift to the City Mission of the remainder of your estate or a percentage share of it after debts, expenses, taxes, and any pecuniary or specific legacies have been settled. Your solicitor will need to have our address and charity number on the rear of this leaflet.

2) A legacy in memory of a loved one…

Collection on behalf of the Brighton and Hove City Mission Making a donation in memory of a loved one is a wonderful way to commemorate the life of someone who was close to you. You could have a collection instead of flowers, for example, and have the proceeds go to the work of the Brighton and Hove City Mission. If you would like donations at the funeral of a close friend or relative to be sent to the City Mission, please talk to your funeral director. They can arrange this, and also provide envelopes for others to make donations.

Should you wish to put a notice in the press, please mention ‘Donations to Brighton and Hove City Mission’.

Making a will is the only guaranteed way of ensuring that your assets are distributed in accordance with your wishes, and we would strongly recommend that you seek professional legal advice in this matter.

If there is anything we can help with please contact office@bhcm.org.uk, or call 01273 609484.