Brighton and Hove City Mission was established in 1849 with the heart to reach out to our city with Jesus.

We care practically and spiritually for many of the needs around us in our city. We currently serve through three teams, and all the services we provide are given unconditionally to any who have a need. Each year we work with thousands of lives across the city, often working in partnership with others, including churches, schools, charities, and the local authority.

Our three teams


Our team supports schools across the city with monthly online assemblies, bespoke Bible-based presentations, and whole school interactive workshops.

For more information, contact:

📞 07458302760     ✉️schools@bhcm.org.uk


Our team supports those in financial crisis with food and essential items, whilst caring for their general wellbeing and referring them to additional support, where needed.

For more information:

🌍 brightonfoodbank.org.uk


Our team leads Christian services, mainly aimed toward those with Dementia, and befriend isolated residents in care homes across the city; whilst creating digital content.

For more information contact:

📞07458305390 ✉️ carehomes@bhcm.org.uk

Meet our team

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