A new addition to our Rest Homes Team

Our Rest Homes team now visit 26 homes across Brighton and Hove with a monthly service and to befriend individual residents. Our relationship with several homes has grown over the past year and we have been invited to offer befriending visits throughout the month, as well as a service. In January, funding was secured for an additional part-time member of staff. The main focus of the role will be to develop the befriending service, alongside assisting with services, where necessary. Having advertised the job this year we are so happy to have appointed Aaron for this role.

We asked Aaron to introduce himself:

Havinglived in Brighton all of my life, I refer to myself as a Brightonian. I am a very creative person, I sing, play drums and guitar, and I love drawing and photographing events, particularly weddings. I worked for many years in the area of furniture and flooring, before putting that aside to follow a path more in line with my passions; most of all I am passionate about theology. Coming from a family who are not particularly interested in the Bible, the last 15 years of learning about things that were completely alien to me has been an incredible experience. For the last 8 years, I have been a member of a church where I teach the Bible and play music. I love meeting people and hearing about their experiences. My hope for the future is to help, love, and care for people, especially the elderly.