Change Assembly

The Schools team are currently delivering their summer ‘Change’ assembly.

This theme is useful at the end of the school year when some children are moving on, or changing classes. The assembly tells the story of a lighthouse keeper and how a lighthouse shines in the darkness, guides, and keep the boats on the water safe.

Lloyd, as the lighthouse keeper sings a sea shanty about two boats out on the water, one big and one small. The big boat can see the lighthouse and is guided when the storms come. The little boat is in real danger, struggling to stay afloat, it can’t see the lighthouse, and is heading for the rocks. The big boat comes to the rescue and they both reach safety side by side, led by the shining lighthouse.

The team then sing a song with actions about a lighthouse that guides us.

The children are asked to think about people who could guide them and keep them safe as they move into a new class, or even a new school.  The team share that as Christians, their ‘lighthouse’ is God, and he guides what they do. They suggest that the children might be a ‘lighthouse’ to those around them to help and encourage them, like the big ship in the story.

The assembly has been well received and one Head Teacher said “Thank you for always bringing really helpful illustrations that we can use for further learning in school”.