Erica Update

Erica BannerErica has been working with us for three weeks now, so we caught up with her to see how she is settling in.

12004030_1061494173868312_5132296527097822829_n“It is now my third week of working with Brighton and Hove City Mission. The dust is beginning to settle in my role as fundraiser and my mountain of filing is almost at an end. My highlight last week, was going out with the Rest Home’s team to watch them in action within a home in Hove. The visit filled me with passion and insight for their ministry and as a result makes my job as fundraiser that much easier.

My one day a week in the Foodbank is frustrating…for the simple reason that one day a week is not enough. It is so enjoyable. We had our first Harvest donation delivered on my second Friday. Spending the day dating and sorting through all the food was a great treat for my slight OCD tendencies, and again, the only downside was the thought of missing all the other Harvest deliveries arriving when i was not working. So apart from the downside that there are only 7 days in a week, everything is going swimmingly. The volunteers are amazing and so helpful and welcoming to me; the clients I have met, have been a delight; and Sara and Tony have created such good structure to the Foodbank, that learning on the job is stress free.”