Prayer Pathway in St Peter RC Primary

The library at St Peter’s Catholic Primary school was transformed into a pathway for prayer.  As the children entered the space wide eyed and full of wonder, they began a journey through the room, exploring creative and physical ways to pray.

The areas they experienced included thinking about themselves, any worries they might have, making a change, coping with their emotions, loving others, and caring for those in need.  They joined in with activities that helped them consider the world and the places where there is conflict and they considered unity.
The lesson time ended with inviting the children to pray using their hands.
They could hold up their thumb, as it’s closest to us we pray for those we love.
The forefinger reminds us to pray for those who teach.
The tallest finger helps us to pray for leaders here in our City, Country and across the world.
Our ring finger is the weakest, where we pray for those in need.
Lastly with our little finger, which is the nearest to us, helps us to pray for ourselves.
Lunchtime was popular as children revisited areas they enjoyed.  The children said that they enjoyed a time to reflect and be calm.  Teaching staff said quieter children had space to explore equally and that they also valued the time spent together.  Everyone is looking forward to seeing the space transformed another time.
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