The Schools team was founded in 1853. Prior to 1850, private schools were only attended by the rich. The Mission believed that all children should have access to education, and therefore, in 1855, opened Ragged Schools in George Street, Dorset Street, and later in New England Street. These Schools saw hundreds of working class children across Brighton and Hove learn to read and write for the first time. In 1870 the Education Act was written and the system of state education was established, therefore, Ragged Schools were no longer required. In the early ’90’s the Schools team began to visit the schools of Brighton and Hove and the work of the Schools team, as it is seen today, began.

Serving the City, Church and Christ

The team assist schools in meeting their Social, Moral, Spiritual, and Cultural responsibilities, and by supporting Christian elements of Religious Education.

The Schools team aim to deliver professional, fun packed, entertaining assemblies across the city.  At Harvest time, the theme of school assemblies is around the season and the needs of our Food Bank clients.  Collections are so generous from the schools, with nearly half of the primary schools in the City taking part.

The Team now offer an exciting new transition workshop for those leaving year 6.  They can transform ordinary places in school to become creative or prayer spaces in schools across Brighton and Hove and the surrounding area.  They foster a sense of community through providing a complimentary service.

They value each child as an individual, and respect those of all beliefs, delivering our clear messages in a child-friendly, age-appropriate way.

BackThe Schools Team aim to serve churches who would like to support their local schools in partnership with the Chichester Diocese Education Department, for individuals who want to grow their skills in schools work.  We trust that this development will truly be a blessing and service to churches to further grow and equip expertise in their children’s ministries, by equipping them with the knowledge and resources to do so. Click here to find out more.

The team support Christians working in any role within education and are part of a forum and prayer network for all schools alongside other charities, Off The Fence and Festive. Click here to find out view the booking page.

Contact Us

To find out more about working together with us, either as a church or a school, please contact: